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Products :
SSSML offers products made exclusively from the entire range of synthetic fibers – polyester, viscose, acrylic and blends thereof. Our in house fiber dyeing plant enables us to produce an unlimited range of colors and shades to suit almost any requirement.
Our regular products :
  • 100% Polyester [Grey / Dyed]
  • 100% Acrylic [Grey / Dyed]
  • 100% Viscose [Grey / Dyed]
  • Polyester Viscose Blends [Grey / Dyed]
  • Polyester Acrylic Blends [Grey / Dyed]
  • Carpet Pile Yarns – Acrylic and Line blends with Poly-Viscose
  • Trilobal / Polyester Blends
  • High bulk Acrylic yarns / High bulk Poly-Acrylic yarns
Machinery :
Dye House
Snow Dalal
Snow LMW
Snow LMW
Post spinning & Doubling
Snow Schlafhorst, Savio, Veejay Lakshmi
Yarn conditioning
Snow Sieger, LG
Quality Control
Snow Uster Testing, Classmate Testing Equipment
For Testing/checking
  • Yarn Evenness Test
  • Fibre Process control Test
  • Classimat/ CSP Test
  • Electronic Twist Test